Sliding Systems

Swastik manufactures various types of Glass sliding systems suitable for Offices & Homes. Over the last few years, Sliding Systems have gained more and more prominence due to their ability to have a contemporarily sophisticated feel to the interiors. Our glass sliding system provides 2 solutions: Straight Sliding and Balcony Sliding Systems.

Straight Sliding System

Straight Sliding Systems is installed without any obstruction at the bottom. This system makes your space more attractive by moving only horizontally. With lower ball bearings, it makes it possible for the leaves to be moved to the left and right easily. It also provides complete security with the locks that are put on the leaves.

Balcony Sliding System

With Balcony Sliding System, we get 90% clear openings. Because of the unframed systems, which do not make you stuck inside and add beauty to the outlook of your house, you not only protect your balcony from unfavorable weather conditions, but also enjoy the outside view as well.

Features & Advantages


  • Premium & Best Sliding Systems in Surat, India.
  • Smooth crisp lines (aesthetically pleasing to look at)
  • Clear weather strips between glass panels
  • Un-obstructive view


  • Totally retractable
  • All year use
  • Heights up to 2400mm

Weather Proofing

  • Minimum clearance between profiles to reduce penetration risk
  • Weather resistant wool-pile strip on outside of bottom track
  • Built-in drain channel on inside of bottom track
  • Clear and UV resistant (Will not go yellow or become brittle)
  • Soft Silicon inserts to prevent water and wind penetration

Safety & Security

  • Internal Sliding locks bottom profiles of opening panel
  • 8mm – 10mm Tempered or Sentry glass
  • Strong and Sturdy profiles

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