Integral Blinds

Swastik manufactures Double-glazed units with Integral Blinds in Surat, India. Swastik Integral Blinds are Premium and Best Integral Blinds  in Surat, India. They are stylish and contemporary in appearance, easy to maintain. Because of the sealed unit its safe from dust and dirt. These units are  ideal for shading and privacy glazing solution. It is a very good solution for Fold & Slide systems. Integral Blinds can also be utilized in conservatories, office partitioning, observation areas in hospitals, schools and other public buildings.

Swastik offers different colors & finishes in Integral Blinds. We provide both Magnetic & Motorized Systems.

Features & Advantages

  • Premium & Best Integral Blinds in Surat, India.
  • Can be operated manually and automatically.
  • Integral blinds remain clean and protected from dirt and moisture.
  • Blinds in glass can be retrospectively fitted to most doors and windows.
  • They keep your house bright when open, and secure when closed.
  • Maintenance-free.
  • Ultra-modern and stylish.
  • Ideal for homes, boardrooms and public buildings; living rooms, office spaces and conservatories.
  • Totally hygienic – no dirt or bacteria build up.
  • Help Energy savings.
  • Warm-edge spacer bars as standard.
  • Available in a wide range of colors.

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